Thursday, March 15, 2018

Meeting Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman

I know most of my friends had a snow day on February 7th but not me! I had a meeting with Nancy Wyman, the Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut! In my last blog I told you about the fun I had at the State Capitol for the start of the new session. A little while after the State of the State address, Mr. Cofrancesco (who runs the Connecticut's Kid Governor Program), my grandmother, my mom, and I had a meeting with the Lieutenant Governor, Nancy Wyman.

Me with Lieutenant Governor, Nancy Wyman, my mom, and my grandmother.

I don't know why but I wasn't expecting the Lieutenant Governor to be so friendly and funny. For example, when I asked her how she got into politics she said, "I didn't." Then she went on to explain how she was very involved in her children's PTO's (Parent-Teacher Organizations) when they were in school. She told me that one day she was at a meeting and the Mayor's wife was sitting next to her. She was shocked when she realized she had been nominated for a place on the ballot. She had no idea! Then the mayor told her that she would be able to be taken off the ballot, but it turns out he was wrong! This had us all laughing!

Another thing she shared was that the biggest reason she is retiring this year is because someone in her family is graduating. She wants to be able to enjoy it but her job as Lieutenant Governor is very busy and keeps her from spending time with family and friends. She's looking forward to being able to spend more time with her family and enjoy special moments together with them in her retirement.

What questions would you ask the Lieutenant Governor, Nancy Wyman if you had the chance to sit down with her? Feel free to email me with any questions or comments at:

And remember: together we are stronger than cancer!

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Want to know more about the role of the Lieutenant Governor? Make sure to go to the Teacher and Class Resource page and check out Lesson 1 in the tool kit!

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