Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Message from Connecticut's Kid Governor Megan Kasperowski

Hello, My name is Megan! I am very excited to be elected the 2018 Kid Governor! I have a campaign where I am going try to lift the spirits and save lives for the many people fighting cancer, and I need your help!

Megan on her Inauguration Day in the Senate Chamber at Connecticut's Old State House.
I have a three point plan. My first step is to create a video of both kids and adults who either have or have had cancer. I want to do this to inform you and your classmates about how hard it is to go through cancer. Throughout the year you will hear more about the other parts of my plan on the “Stronger Than Cancer: Lifting Spirits and Changing Lives” blog. So make sure to check back here to hear more about my plan!
Megan with students from CREC Discovery Academy writing letters to those with cancer. 

I am excited to get to work and to hear your thoughts and suggestions! Please feel free to share any ideas you have

You can learn more about my term at!

 Please check back for new blog posts!