Monday, May 14, 2018

Stronger Than Cancer Fundraiser

A message from your friends at the Connecticut Public Affairs Network...

As a part of her three-point platform, CTKG Megan is focused on helping people who have cancer. One of her platform goals is to lift the spirits of cancer patients by providing entertainers who can visit them in hospitals here in Connecticut. Laughter is the best medicine, and magicians, comedians, clowns, puppeteers, and ventriloquists are just a few of the people who can help entertain children with cancer!

To help reach her goal, Megan is hosting the Stronger Than Cancer Fundraiser now until May 18, 2018. Schools across Connecticut are encouraged to hold a Stronger Than Cancer Hat Day on May 18th to help raise $1,000 to hire entertainers to cheer up children at Smilow Cancer Hospital in New Haven and Connecticut Children's Medical Center in Hartford. On Hat Day, every student or teacher who brings in $1 or more will be able to wear a hat that day and will receive an official Stronger Than Cancer wristband.

For schools that choose to participate in Hat Day this Friday, you can use the Stronger Than Cancer Hat Day Planning Worksheet to help plan and organize your event. Schools that participate will receive a "shout out" here on the blog from Megan! Make sure to email Megan at with pictures and to tell her how your fundraiser went!

Adults and community members can participate in the fundraiser too! You can text "CTKGMEGAN" to 1-844-544-7171 or donate on GiveLively! Those who donate $2 or more will be eligible to receive an official Stronger Than Cancer wristband.

No matter how big or small the amount, every penny helps! Remember that everyone has a voice and together we are stronger than cancer!

You can watch Megan's Stronger Than Cancer video below. 

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