Tuesday, June 5, 2018

From the CTKG Cabinet: Liliana Vera

Hi, my name is Liliana and I was a final candidate in the 2017 Connecticut's Kid Governor Statewide Election! I'm now on the Kid Governor's Cabinet working with 2018 CTKG Megan!

I ran on the platform of valuing the elderly. My dad is from Paraguay and we went to visit there last year. I had a lot of fun with my family but my great grandma (Abuelita) has Alzheimer's. She has three sons and six daughters and every day different people come to see her. She can't remember anything (she thought my dad, her grandson, was her brother) but even though she was in a room with people she didn't recognize, she felt valued. She felt good, happy, and loved. Then I thought every elderly person should feel this.

When running for Connecticut's Kid Governor, I developed a three point plan on how to make the elderly feel valued. My three point platform is:

  1. Coordinating field trips to local senior centers.
  2. Creating a Pen Pals program with the elderly.
  3. Establishing an Adopt a Grandparent Club.

Field Trips
Since the Statewide Election, I have coordinated fourth and third grade field trips to the local senior centers. Fifth grade is going in June. At the senior centers, students have the opportunity to read to the elderly, talk with them, and spend time to get to know them.

Pen Pal Program
Kindergarten through second grade are drawing pictures of cards to give to the elderly. Their creations will be put together into a book for the elderly to read or the cards will be put on a wall display at the senior center. Students in grades three through five will write letters to the elderly. Each grade will make their own book. The books will be kept at The Summit, our local senior center, for residents to enjoy. Residents will respond back and their books will be kept in our Media Center. 

Adopt-A-Grandparent Club
I started an Adopt-A-Grandparent Club at my school. This club will meet one day every other week after school. We will walk to The Summit with a teacher advisor. Students will be paired up with a resident that shares his/her interests. There will also be opportunities to celebrate the adopted grandparents (for example, birthdays). 

If my platform interests you and you would like to start an Adopt-A-Grandparent Club or Pen Pal Program in your own school, contact me and I will share with you the steps you can take to make this a reality in your school!

I would love to hear about how you are making a difference around valuing the elderly in your own community. Email info@kidgovernor.org to tell me all about it! You can also visit CT.KidGovernor.org/governors-cabinet to read about the other members of the Kid Governor's Cabinet.

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